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Project Description
The SQL Server Scripts project is dedicated to supplying high quality scripts to help with the maintenance and development of SQL Server in every environment.

Project Overview

The SQL Server Scripts project was created by and is primary maintained by members of the Richmond SQL Server User Group. (Anyone is welcome to join and contribute to this project regardless of there membership to the RSSUG)

This project focuses on scripts to help aid the Database Administrator as well as Database Developer as well as those who find themselves cast into these positions. The scripts are generally written in T-SQL and Powershell. A general principle of these scripts are that they leave no permanent objects in place after they have been executed outside and require no permanent objects to execute properly. (Outside of the required affect, Example: possibly creating and output file of user names from an AD group or installing a SQL Server service) All scripts function independently and require no other script to function properly. We are currently working on the following areas:

Index and Statistics Management.
OS Performance Metrics and Wait Stats
Active Directory Inquiry
Backup Management

Please join a discussion if you wish to participate in one of our existing areas or create a new discussion if you would like to create a new area.

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