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Team Roles

Sep 3, 2013 at 2:45 PM
Please read this discussion if you are a current member or plan to be a member of this project.

Developers - Writing high quality T-SQL script tools.
What does this mean - Coming up with your own creative ideas on how to solve SQL Server problems or tasks and then putting them into a script. The only thing we require is a script header commenting on what this scripts name is and what it does.
How to do a good job - Write useful and creative scripts that help to solve real world problems or repetitive tasks that make our lives as DBA's or Developers easier. (All scripts must be your own code. Do not take someone else's code and copy it into this project!)

Technical Writers - Documentation for the Site & Scripts
What does this mean - You will need to review scripts and then update the "purpose" section within the script itself and if it is missing create a Wiki entry under the documentation section of this codeplex project.
How to do a good job - Simple explanations of what the scripts do and how they are to be used. Describing any variables that require user input or modification to make the script work.
Once this is done please check the script back into the project.

Testers - We need testers to validate scripts
What does this mean - download and run a scripts on different version of SQL Server, insuring they do what is in the "purpose" section. Make sure the script does not do anything else or if it does please add it t to the "purpose" section of the header.
How to do a good job - Run a script on as many different versions of SQL Server as needed. Adding to the "Tested On" section of the header each version of SQL Server it was tested on. Add your name to the "Tested by" section of the header. If you encounter an issue or problem. Document that in the "Issues" section, adding an "Issues" section below the "Purposes" section of the header if it does not exists. If you have a suggestion for this fix please add that to the comments when you check the code back in. Do not change the functionality of the script leave that for the original developer. If the original developer is no longer active you or someone else will be assigned the task to correct the issue or bug.

Everyone is expected to merge scripts properly as well as comment there checked in code appropriately.

Failure to take an active role in this project will result in your account being removed. You can always reapply for team membership.